OFC/NFOEC 2006 Conference Proceedings
"Laser Cleaving of Optical Connectors" (PowerPoint document)
Authors: Daniel Hachnochi. David Douglass, Duane Dinkel, Joyce Kilmer
OFC/NFOEC Paper JThB85, March (2006)
"Development of Cleanliness Specifications for Single-Mode Connectors with 1.25 and 2.5 mm ferrules"(PDF file read only)
Authors: Tatiana Berdinskikh, Andrea Ho, Jose Garcia,Carla Gleason, Sun-Yuan Huang, Joyce Kilmer, Steve Lytle, Tom Mitcheltree, Brian J. Roce, Heather Tkalec, Doublas Wilson, Frank (Yi) Zhang
OFC/NFOEC 2005 Conference Proceedings
"Polishing Dependence of an Optical Fiber Connector's Damage Layer"(PDF file read only)
Authors: David Douglass and Joyce Kilmer
Lightwave Online, Nov (2004)
"Automated Connector Processing Tackles Exploding FTTP Connector Market"
Authors: Joyce Kilmer and Duane Dinkel
"Real-time Automation Controls Multifiber-Connector Production"(PDF file read only)
Author: Guy Shechter, Sagitta Inc., Hauppauge, NY
Lightwave March 2003
"Standardization of Connector Manufacturing Processes"(PDF file read only)
Authors: Guy Shechter, Joyce Kilmer, Sagitta Inc., Hauppauge, NY
Improved Planar Lightwave Circuits(PDF file read only)
Authors: Ray Cisneros, Sagitta Inc., San Jose, CA, Guy Shechter, Sagitta, Israel
Photonics Component Polishing
Author: Guy Shechter, Sagitta, Israel