Omega System Description

Angle Measurement Station

Sagitta's Omega is a robust, high-precision test station for routine wedge angle measurement of fiber optic components.

By integrating a revolutionary measurement technique, the Omega constitutes the industry's new benchmark for wedge angle verification.

The station is a prerequisite for any quality control environment, whether in production or for process verification during product development.

The unique system design enables ±0.05° measurement accuracy through Sagitta's proprietary technology, based on auto-collimation laser technology.

A production-ready design supports single device loading or batch processing on Sagitta's Smart Carrier™.

Ergonomically driven, Omega offers simple operation for mitigating faulty measurements. Further quality control capabilities include instant automatic readouts of results and data collection for Statistical Process Control.


V-Groove Fiber Arrays

PLCs - AWG, modulators, VOAs

Ferrule-Fiber Assemblies - Single, Dual, and/or PM

Lenses, prisms, crystals

Other critical components

Accurate and Consistent Automatic Measurements

Batch Mode Customer-owned fixtures (optional)
Single Mode Single device operation
Technique Auto-collimation laser at reference point and angled plane for true measurement
Platform Tabletop ergonomic design
Easy to load and unload
Display readout
Data mining


Resolution 0.01°
Accuracy ±0.05°
Preset Angle 0° to 15°
Angle Range ±2° at preset angle
Scanning Stroke 100mm