CS100 System Description

Clocking Station for Dual and/or PM Fiber Ferrules

Sagitta's CS100 is the only solution available for ensuring accurate and repeatable rotational alignment of dual and/or PM fiber ferrule assemblies. The CS100, a robust station for high-precision device end-face preparation and clocking, offers:

Clocking to ±0.5° accuracy over a wide-angle range with a 10X microscope projecting a high-resolution image on a crosshair grid monitor.

Maximum flexibility via a universal chuck that accepts either Sagitta's Smart Carrier™ or customer-owned fixtures.

Rapid set-up times through an auto-rotation drive of the chuck for continuous or skip-mode part-to-part clocking.

Device preparation such as epoxy removal, rough angled plane formation, cleaning, etc.


Accurate device end-face rotational clocking

Device end-face preparation such as epoxy removal, angled plane creation, cleaning, etc.


PM Fiber Ferrule Assemblies

Dual Fiber Ferrule Assemblies

Dual-PM Fiber Ferrule Assemblies

Small, Ferrule-Encapsulated V-Groove Arrays


Improved photonic coupling results through precise clocking

Increased throughput by rapid off-line set-up procedure

Minimized handling

Flexible staging solution for manufacturing environments


Rotational angle range 0° to 30°

Clocking alignment 1° ± 0.5°

X-Y key point movement

Device height calibration sensitivity ± 1.5µm

Sagitta's Smart Fixture™ or customer-owned device fixture (optional)

Wet or dry grinding wheel

On-screen FOV 200 X 260 µm

High-resolution CCD with automatic crosshair grid generator

Dual illumination

Ergonomic design