First Automated System with Polishing and Inspection Integrated on a Single Platform

Gemini Pi The Gemini-Pi is the most advanced automated solution for polishing, cleaning, and optical inspection of critical fiber optic components, such as planar devices, v-groove fiber arrays, ferrule-fiber assemblies and other components.

The system is equipped with state-of-the-art active polishing technology and in-line optical inspection, all designed for process control, yield enhancement, and higher productivity.

  • Configurable multi-station design
  • Integrated optical image metrology
  • Multi-part polishing technology with
    Sagitta's patented SMPT™ technology
  • Fully unattended batch processing and process recipe management system
  • Variable applications on the same platform, on the same production shift
  • Planar device (AWG, splitter/combiner, VOA)
  • V-groove arrays
  • PM fiber-capillary assemblies
  • Connectors, single or multi-fiber
  • New PM fiber alignment and fiber tip trim station

Pre-Inspection and Post-Inspection Tools

CS100 Clocking Alignment Station Option
For devices requiring high-precision clocking alignment prior to polishing, such as dual fiber and PM fiber assemblies, the CS100 system delivers rapid loading, prep, and high-precision clocking alignment capabilities for use with Sagitta Smart Carrier™ fixtures or customer-owned fixtures.

For more information, see the CS100 System Description online,
or request a CS100 datasheet.

Omega Angle Measurement Inspection Option
For devices requiring post-polishing angle measurement, the Omega delivers instant, true angle measurement readouts for a wide variety of fiber optic components. The Omega works with Sagitta Smart Carrier™ fixtures or customer-owned fixtures, or can be single-device fed.

For more information, see the Omega System Description online,
or request an Omega datasheet.