Gemini-Pi System Description

Automated Polishing, Cleaning, and Inspection System for Fiber Optic Devices


    Polishing, Cleaning, and Inspection
  • Configurable multi-station system for up to:
    • Three 300mm polishing stations
    • Three integrated cleaning stations
  • Multiple devices polished simultaneously
  • Patented sub-micron polishing technology: SMPT™
  • High precision automated robot handler
  • Integrated imaging for inspection
  • Graphical user interface with process recipe control


  • High throughput due to:
    • Full automation
    • Multi-station design
    • Multiple device polishing
    • Integrated imaging platform for inspection


  • Superior polished surfaces through patented
    sub-micron polishing technology: SMPT™
  • Repeatable results through robotic handling
    and automated process flows
  • Excellent contamination control due to automated
    cleaning and robotic handling


  • Variety of applications can be polished on the same
    platform, on the same production shift
    • Planar Wave Guide Devices
    • Splitter and Combiner
    • Arrayed Wave Guide Grating (AWG)
    • V-Groove Fiber Arrays
    • Fiber Tips, Ferrules, and Capillaries