Automated Polish, Clean and Inspect System for Fiber Optic Connectors

Lower your fiber optic connector production costs and increase your quality with Sagitta's Gemini-CX

Gemini-Cx The Gemini-Cx is the first in a series of manufacturing cells for the assembly, termination and testing of fiber optic connectors from Sagitta. The Gemini-Cx is a turnkey automated process solution for polishing, cleaning, and optical inspection of fiber optic connectors, cable assemblies, and flex circuits. The system replaces today's manually intensive methods with a seamless automated process flow for superior batch processing results on PC, APC, and MT connectors.

With a patented on-board automated optical inspection station for quality control, the system provides higher productivity, enhanced yields, and superior process control demanded by next generation connectivity products.

Gemini Cx's Compelling Return on Investments (ROI)
The Gemini Cx is prudently priced such that based simply on the:

  • Yield improvements
  • Throughput improvements
  • Consumable savings cost improvements

realized by the Gemini Cx, the machine often proves in under a year for annual production runs of only ~400,000 simplex connectors or ~30,000 multifiber MT connectors.

  • Handles all major simplex and multifiber connector types including: SC, FC, ST, LC, E2K, MT-RJ, as well as, all other MT based connector types
  • Offers a wide variety of high density batch polishing fixtures
  • Adaptable to customer-owned fixtures
  • Handles all varieties and lengths of fiber and cable -- including flex circuits!
  • Unique roll-to-roll based polishing film dispensing to maximize efficient use of consumables
  • Auto-sequence from polish to clean to optical inspect utilizing proven process recipes or to user-defined recipes
  • Enhanced optical surface inspection
  • Highly developed Graphical User Interface for easy use by any skill level operator
  • Advanced Statistical Process Control (SPC) and data logging capabilities guarantees end product results

Sagitta has analyzed the entire manufacturing process of terminating connectors and is developing a series of manufacturing cells to target the process bottlenecks. Sagitta has first developed the Gemini Cx cell to address polishing, cleaning and inspection as these areas were identified as key parts of the process impacting production yields.