SAGITTA Inc. Broadens Sales and Marketing Activities in North America

Sagitta Opens Customer Demo Center in California and Delivers Several Centar Systems to a Number of Customers in North America

> Hauppauge, NY, September 13, 2004 - Sagitta Inc., manufacturer of analytic equipment for failure analysis, announced that is has delivered a number of Centar systems to several existing and new customers in North America. A disk head manufacturing plant has placed a repeat order for its failure analysis lab in San Jose to increase its analysis throughput and turnaround time. Several other IC manufacturers have placed multiple orders to upgrade their labs, and to address growing needs for quick and accurate process monitoring and failure analysis. Sagitta has opened a customer demo center in its Santa Clara, CA facility to respond to the industry’s growing interest in its analytical equipment.

Efrat Raz, VP Analytical Equipment at Sagitta, states: “These installations reflect the growing need for product yield management and process control that place unprecedented demands on failure analysis laboratories in the industry, calling for faster and superior analytical capabilities to determine root cause failure mechanisms. This trend demands more automated capital equipment in the analytical laboratories located both in the industry’s front end and back end.

Sagitta's Centar is a single platform sample preparation system for automated polishing, including cross section and parallel polishing of IC's and Disk heads for SEM, TEM, SCM, and PEM, at wafer, die and package levels. An integrated microscope coupled with a CCD camera and image magnification of up to 9000X in tandem with the proprietary SMPT* (Sub Micron Polishing Technology) enable easy target positioning, definition and process monitoring. The PC based system enables the use of existing process recipes, develop new specific recipes, save images and data, and share all information with other departments or sites. Proprietary image processing, automated target acquisition, edge detection, coupled with Sagitta's online PolishEye* module, and EAC* (Exact Angle Control - +/-0.1deg) unit enable accuracy down to +/-0.1um, high throughput and unique bevel polishing.

SAGITTA, founded in 1997, provides innovative process equipment solutions to the global fiber optics and semiconductor industries. Its product offerings include several automated polishing and inspection systems for high-value fiber optic components, and award winning automated polishing tools for cross section and parallel sample preparation for failure analysis and process monitoring in the semiconductor and Diskhead manufacturers. The company is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, maintains an engineering and manufacturing center in Israel, a sales and demonstration office in California, and has built a broad net of representatives to support its growing number of customers around the globe.

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Efrat Raz Moyal
, VP Analytical Equipment

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