Sagitta Spearheads Connector Inspection Standardization Efforts

( SEPTEMBER 9, 2003 )

HAUPPAUGE, New York, September 2, 2003 -------------- A current constraint in the fiber optics industry is the lack of standard manufacturing processes. The situation is very similar to the early stages of the semiconductor industry. Not until such manufacturing processes were standardized and put in place was the semiconductor industry enabled to experience the widespread growth to what it has become today.

As fiber optics moves toward mass marketing, with emerging applications like FTTX (as recently announced by Verizon, SBC, Bell South etc.), photonics will need to mature from the "cottage industry" mentality prevalent today and adopt some level of standard manufacturing procedures. Such a lack of manufacturing standards hamstrings the mass deployment of fiber optics -- risking the broadband future of America!

Optical connectors are used in every application in fiber optics, yet there are no standards on connector end face inspection. Enhanced inspection capability would serve to reduce operator and shift dependence yield variations. Lack of consistency in connectors end face quality and other manufacturing issues very often force customers to demand manufacturers to perform 100% visual inspection, thereby driving up costs. The existing body of literature has insufficient information on inspection process standards such that users cannot derive process control information from the currently available standards documentation and manufacturers cannot guarantee certain levels of quality based on the processes.

Toward this end, Sagitta, leveraging its machine vision expertise integrated within the Gemini Cx machine, has taken up the gauntlet. Sagitta's Vice President of Products, Guy Shechter, has been appointed to lead the working group within the Telecom Industry Association's (TIA) Subcommittee 4.3.2 on Visual Inspection Measurement Methods to write the End Face Geometry Measurement Methodology in order to quantify the TIA requirements.

The outcome of this workgroup will be an approved Fiber Optic Test Procedure (FOTP) that will be coordinated with the International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) and National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI).

About Sagitta

Sagitta was founded in 1997 and provides advanced, high-productivity manufacturing equipment solutions to the global fiber optics and semiconductor industries. The company is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, and maintains an engineering and manufacturing center in Kfar Saba, Israel. A core holding of patented technologies in precision automation, machine vision and sub micron polishing has led to the introduction of multiple systems into the aforementioned markets. Specific introductions include several integrated automated polishing and inspection systems for high-value fiber optic components. Already a leader in failure analysis equipment for the semiconductor and media fields, Sagitta provides an award-winning suite of sample preparation tools used for cross sectional, SEM or TEM semiconductor inspection. Sagitta is a global company with machines installed in Fortune 500 companies. For more information on Sagitta and our products please visit the company's website at, or send your inquiries to