Sagitta Releases New Process for Terminating 24 Fiber (MT-24) Multifiber Optical Connectors

( SEPTEMBER 16, 2003 )

HAUPPAUGE, New York, September 16, 2003 -------------- Sagitta's novel Gemini Cx integrated polish, clean, and inspect automated manufacturing cell now has a new process for terminating 24 fiber (MT-24) multifiber connectors to attain new higher optical fiber connector densities in Smaller Form Factor (SFF) footprints required for numerous state-of-the-art photonic applications.

The challenges for achieving high quality end faces are much greater for multifiber connectors than simplex connectors as polishing complexities scale as the number of fiber within the multifiber connector increases. Maintaining the surface quality on each individual fiber within the multifiber connector is exigent with the higher fiber density which results from the increased fiber count.

In particular, maintaining the protrusion uniformity of all 24 fibers within the connector is a key challenge which must be addressed in order for the MT-24 connector to have consistent performance across the whole array of fibers (photo #1). However, Sagitta is able to maintain consistency not only between all 24 fibers within the individual connector, but also among all the multifiber connectors within Sagitta's new high volume polishing fixture expressly designed for batch polishing of MT-24s.

Sagitta is able to achieve this high level of performance in such challenging high density connector designs due to novel patented features imbedded within the Gemini Cx machine (photo #2) such as:

Floating gimbal head
Adaptive force control
Roll-to roll polishing media dispensing

Enabling the consistent manufacturing of MT-24 type connectors of the highest quality at the lowest cost. Sagitta has released this new process into production for several of its customers.

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