Sagitta Inc. Presents A New Optional Module for its Centar System - for Site Specific and Area Delayering

The Frontier™ Delayering Module is being first introduced at ISTFA 2004, the International Symposium for Test and Failure Analysis

Worcester, MA, Nov. 15, 2004 - Sagitta Inc., a manufacturer of semiconductor analytical equipment for failure analysis, introduces a new optional module for its Centar sample preparation system, the Centar Frontier™, at the International Symposium for Test and Failure Analysis being held this week in Worcester, MA. The symposium is an outstanding and diverse offering of technical papers on timely and pertinent topics in various areas of advanced techniques for test and failure analysis.

Sagitta's new Frontier™ module for its Centar system offers site specific and area delayering based on a PC controlled, recipe driven process, with automated 3D alignment (+/-0.01) and a closed-loop polishing process with End Point Detection. These capabilities, together with the in-situ microscope coupled with a CCD camera for process monitoring and image recording, offer a sample preparation system with unprecedented capabilities for the lab engineer. The user benefits from the capability to align to and expose two (2) targets in a single process, alignment to and exposure of long via chains or metal lines, a simple point of reference (POR) with full view of the layers' structure, and a throughput of 15 minutes per site.

Ms. Efrat Raz, VP of Analytical Equipment at Sagitta, explains: "With shrinking geometries, defect sizes become smaller, creating challenges for defect localization and FA analysis. The traditional mechanical polishing of layer-by-layer can be tedious and very time consuming, while the chemical process presents challenges for new materials like Cu and Low-k. Sagitta developed a unique automatic Delayering polishing technique based on polishing at a very shallow angle up to 0.50 with 0.1mm accuracy to the target exposing several layers. The automatic front side polishing technique is used for process monitoring/structural analysis and for fault analysis. Process monitoring is used to determine metal line width, general photolithography patterning quality, topography changes, alignment of contacts with respect to the metal layers, and de-processing of structures that are not easily de-processed such as tunnel oxide windows."

Sagitta's Centar is a single platform sample preparation system for automated polishing, including cross sectioning and parallel polishing of ICs and Disk heads for SEM, TEM, SCM, and PEM, at wafer, die and package levels. An integrated microscope coupled with a CCD camera and image magnification of up to 9000X in tandem with the proprietary SMPT™ (Sub Micron Polishing Technology) enables easy target positioning, definition and process monitoring. The PC based system enables the use of existing process recipes, develop new customer and site specific recipes, store images and data, and share all information with other remote locations. Proprietary image processing, automated target acquisition, edge detection, coupled with Sagitta's online PolishEye™ module, and EAC™ (Exact Angle Control - +/-0.1deg) unit enable accuracy down to +/-0.1um, high throughput and unique bevel polishing.

Sagitta, founded in 1997, provides innovative process equipment solutions to the global fiber optics and semiconductor industries. Its product offerings include several automated polishing and inspection systems for high-value fiber optic components, and award winning automated polishing tools for cross section and parallel sample preparation for failure analysis and process monitoring in the semiconductor and Diskhead manufacturers. The company is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, maintains an engineering and manufacturing center in Israel, a sales and demonstration office in California, and has built a broad net of representatives to support its growing number of customers around the globe.

Efrat Raz Moyal, VP Analytical Equipment
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