Sagitta Forms Strategic Partnership With U-Tech for Taiwan Distribution of Fiber Optic Process Equipment Tools

( JANUARY 2003 )

Hauppauge New York, (January, 2003)-Sagitta, the fiber optics industry's only supplier for fully automating the polish-clean and inspection of fiber optic components and connectors, today announced a strategic partnership agreement with U-Tech of Taiwan. Effective immediately, U-Tech will become the exclusive representative in Taiwan for Sagitta's leading-edge fiber optic process equipment.

"Sagitta is committed to first-rate customer service in this rapidly growing market, which is why we selected U-Tech to represent us," said Mr. Bob Postle, Corporate Vice President of Sales at Sagitta. "As demand and manufacturing increases, Taiwan will play an increasingly critical role. And as one of the best established fiber optic agents for the Taiwan fiber optics and photonics industries, U-Tech is the ideal partner for us, as a company that maintains a stellar reputation and strong understanding of the Taiwan market, as well as the specific and special needs of customers."

Sagitta recently has successfully penetrated the fiber optics component manufacturing industry, launching a new line of standard-setting process and inspection equipment. Gemini, the company's flagship product family, is first to market with an integrated process solution of polishing, cleaning, and optical inspection for fiber optic components. The Gemini-Pi services planar devices, v-groove fiber arrays, ferrule assemblies, and other critical components. The Gemini-Cx is the process solution for connectors, cable assemblies, and flex circuits.

"We are excited to add Sagitta's Gemini platform to our product line," said Y.C. Lu, President of U-Tech. "One of the critical benefits of the Gemini is the ability to increase product value and reduce manufacturing costs. The system has absolute and computerized controls over every polishing parameter. This ability to control and adjust in real-time will prevent the defects that cause undesirable component performance and a higher value product will be produced by our customers with lower costs."

About U-Tech

As a professional trader in the communication market, U-Tech has built its world-class reputation by consistently supplying the most advanced equipment to the fiber optics and photonics industries along with the highest quality of customer service and consistent results over the last fifteen years. U-Tech has strategically covered the market of Taiwan ROC and Mainland China with the consideration of information and communication industries being mutually benefited from both sides of the strait. U-Tech will continue to exert itself to the greatest effort to respond to market demand and meet customer needs. For more information on U-Tech please visit the company's website at

Sagitta was founded in 1997 and provides advanced, high-productivity manufacturing equipment solutions to the global fiber optics and semiconductor industries. The company is headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, and maintains an engineering and manufacturing center in Kfar Saba, Israel. A core holding of patented technologies in precision automation, machine vision and sub micron polishing has led to the introduction of multiple systems into the aforementioned markets. Specific introductions include several integrated automated polishing and inspection systems for high-value fiber optic components. Already a leader in failure analysis equipment for the semiconductor and media fields, Sagitta provides an award-winning suite of sample preparation tools used for cross sectional, SEM or TEM semiconductor inspection. Sagitta is a global company with machines installed in Fortune 500 companies. For more information on Sagitta and our products please visit the company's website at, or send your inquiries to