Sagitta Announces Revolutionary Solution-On-Carrier for SCM Sample Prep

( July 2002 )

Tier-One Fabs Already Benefiting from Unparalleled Surface Quality and Ease of Handling

HAUPPAUGE, New York, July 2002 ---------- Sagitta announces the introduction of a revolutionary solution that automates the preparation and handling of samples for failure analysis by Scanning Capacitance Microscopy, and increases the reliability of root cause analysis.

As shrinking geometries and new processes are introduced, IC fabs today are asking more and more of the failure analyst to perform advanced root cause analyses. Accordingly, the failure analyst is faced with the growing challenges of these requirements. One such example is Pn-junction measurement using Scanning Capacitance Microscopy (SCM), where extremely precise Pn-junction delineation is required. This measurement provides information on the doping distribution profile, which is important to consider for short channel effects and gate drain overlap. Reaching good results in SCM analysis, thus, requires high surface quality from extremely thin samples.

Achieving a good SCM image necessitates samples with less than 5-angstrom surface roughness (Ra and Rq), at a thickness of 5-10 microns. Due to the mechanical instability inherent to such thin samples, the thinning process must consider a solution-on-carrier, so as not to lose the sample when transferring from the prep station to the SCM.

To meet this need Sagitta has introduced and implemented at tier-1 IC manufacturing facilities SCM sample preparation capabilities on its Centar platform. The Centar SCM solution eliminates the difficulties faced by failure analysts who previously had to cope with a delicate and complex process that required expert and constant operator attention, entailing low success rates and repeatability, where even the slightest particle on the thinned sample may cause "stray" capacitance, compromising the root cause analysis.

The Centar solution provides an automated solution based on a recipe-driven polishing technique. The Sagitta technique offers surface roughness at less than 5 angstroms, achieved in less than 90 minutes polishing time, with an accuracy of 0.1 microns from the desired target on both polished surfaces

"The Centar SCM solution makes available an automated, controlled and reliable process for failure analysis labs. The solution-on-carrier frees the engineer from tricky sample preparation and handling, where s/he can take the sample directly to the SCM, without the risk of losing or breaking the sample. Such low operator intervention allows for further SCM, or other analyses, to take place in parallel, increasing the lab's analysis capacity as well as its value-add to the customer," said Mr. Guy Schecter, VP products, at Sagitta.

Sagitta Background Information

Sagitta Ltd. is a technology-based equipment supplier for the fiber optics and semiconductor industries. A core holding of patented technologies in precision automation, machine vision and sub micron polishing has led to the introduction of multiple systems into these markets. Specific introductions include several integrated automated polishing and inspection systems for high-value fiber optic components. Already a leader in failure analysis equipment for the semiconductor and media fields, Sagitta provides an award-winning suite of sample preparation tools used for cross sectional, SEM or TEM semiconductor inspection. Sagitta, a company headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, is a global company with machines installed in Fortune 500 companies. For more information on Sagitta and our products please visit the company's website at, or send your inquiries to