Sagitta Starts Shipment, First Multi-Station Fiber Optic Polishing Systems

System Improves throughput by 10x over manual operation

( August 20, 2001 )

Sagitta Ltd., a leader in automation equipment for the fiber optic industry, has shipped its first Gemini-Pi, the only system for fiber optic component manufacturing with integrated polishing, cleaning and optical inspection on a single platform. The Gemini-Pi is an automated system that can process a variety of fiber optic components, including AWG, v-groove fiber arrays, capillary ferrule assemblies and other parts requiring a high precision planar polish for optimal optical properties.

This is the first of several systems slated for shipment to customers worldwide. In this application, the Gemini-Pi automated PM fiber ferrule assemblies where the customer improves its throughput over manual operation by over 10x. The system can transfer and process a multi-batch load of fiber optic parts through three polishing stations, three cleaning stations and then to a final inspection station outfitted with imaging processing technology for automated surface inspection. The entire process requires no human intervention and results are catalogued on a computer for true quality control during steady state production runs.

"The Gemini-Pi has gained wide market acceptance because it brings true automation to a process that has historically been a manual and labor intensive process," said Amir Chitayat, President & CEO of Sagitta. "For the equivalent productivity, one Gemini-Pi equates to 2-3 work-cells of several bench-top polishers and microscopes and several operators. At this rate the return on investment is well justified in cost saving and, most importantly, yield improvement. We are seeing a keen interest in customers that will focus on their product technology as their core competence and allow companies like Sagitta to supply them with the process and automation equipment they need, akin to the synergistic customer-vendor relationship in the semiconductor industry."

The Gemini-Pi is completely menu recipe driven, with parametric control of all polishing and cleaning variables. The Gemini-Pi contains the most advanced polishing technology, consisting of servo-controlled polishing motion, linear motor stages in 3-axis, a force feedback sensor to monitor polishing rate, consumables rate and polishing force. The user can select a rigid polishing attack or a floating head freedom for the final lapping stages. The Gemini-Pi is also equipped with a computer controlled optical station for auto surface inspection of the parts right after final cleaning. This capability eliminates current problems today associated with biased human judgment, lengthy setup times and imprecise handling.

Sagitta Background Information

Sagitta Ltd. is a technology-based equipment supplier for the fiber optics and semiconductor industries. A core holding of patented technologies in precision automation, machine vision and sub micron polishing has led to the introduction of multiple systems into these markets. Specific introductions include several integrated automated polishing and inspection systems for high-value fiber optic components and connectors.

Already a leader in failure analysis equipment for the semiconductor and media fields, Sagitta provides an award-winning suite of sub-micron polishing and optical inspection tools used for cross sectional, SEM or TEM inspection. Sagitta is a global company headquartered in Hauppauge, New York and a Research & Development center in Israel. Sagitta is a worldwide company with machines installed at many Fortune 500 companies.

Company Contact: Ray Cisneros
Phone: 408-394-9000