Sagitta Unveils First Automatic Sample Preparation System for Fiber Optic Components

Comes Standard with Integrated Image Processing

( July 19, 2001 )

Sagitta Ltd., a leader in automation equipment for the fiber optics industry, released to the market the first fully automated cross-sectioning system with integrated image processing for failure analysis sample preparation.
The Centar can cross-section critical fiber optic components, planar devices and integrated circuits to an accuracy of 0.1 micron to the desired targeted feature of the part. The Centar is a critical tool to support failure analysis, materials characterization and yield enhancement activities of fiber optic component manufacturers.

The Centar comes equipped with an image processing system that allows the user to pinpoint sub-micron features of interest in the device. The system automatically registers the feature location and automatically proceeds to cross sectional polish through the sample until the targeted feature is reached to within an accuracy of + 0.1 micron. No manual intervention is required and all steps are completely recipe driven from a user interface station.

The Centar's accuracy provides unprecedented levels of control to examine parts in subsequent SEM examination or can be used for thinning parts for TEM examination. The automated architecture and sub-micron control, derived from Sagitta's patented SMPTTM technology, permits preparation of parts within minutes, as opposed to archaic methods that once took several hours. The system is ideal for critical fiber optic parts requiring physical examination during yield enhancement or process development, such as exposing the active area of laser diodes, defects in crystals, examination of the fiber cladding or core, examination of planar devices and other applications.

Sagitta Background Information

Sagitta Ltd. is a technology-based equipment supplier for the fiber optics and semiconductor industries. A core holding of patented technologies in precision automation, machine vision and sub-micron polishing has led to the introduction of multiple systems into the markets. Specific introductions include several integrated automated polishing and inspection systems for high-value fiber optic components.

Already a leader in failure analysis equipment for the semiconductor and storage media fields, Sagitta provides an award-winning suite of sub-micron polishing and optical inspection tools used for cross- sectional, SEM or TEM inspection. Sagitta is a global company headquartered in Hauppauge, New York with a Technology Center in California, as well as a Research & Development Center in Israel. Sagitta is a worldwide company with systems installed at many Fortune 500 companies.

Company Contact: Ray Cisneros
Phone: 408-394-9000