Sagitta Rolls Out Fiber Optic Polishing and Inspection System for Connectors

Second Product Line Released for Fiber Optic Manufacturing

( HAUPPAUGE, New York, December, 2001 )

December, 2001.
Sagitta Ltd., a leader in automation equipment for the fiber optics industry, introduces the second Gemini based system dedicated for polishing and optical inspection of fiber optic connectors. Called the Gemini-Cx, it is the first product in the fiber optics manufacturing industry to integrate all polishing, cleaning and optical inspection steps that a fiber optic connector typically undergoes onto a single platform. The system can process FC, SC, ST, LC, MT and MPO type connectors.

The Gemini-Cx is equipped with a proprietary dual fixture mount to simultaneously polish two fixtures over a user defined polishing sequence, dramatically raising the throughput over conventional polishing methods. To lower the cost of technology adoption and preclude the loss of fixture investment, the Gemini-Cx accepts customer-owned connector fixtures. The dual fixture, each carrying multiple parts, is seamlessly transported through any polish-to-clean-to-inspect process flow using a high precision motion platform. The system is equipped with an advanced image processing station for automated optical inspection, where the user can define pass-fail criteria according to industry or custom standards. All processes are menu driven from a graphical user interface using a Windows 2000 platform.

"There is no doubt the fiber optics manufacturing industry is placing a high premium where ever an automation solution can replace a labor-intensive process. This certainly holds true for fiber optic connector polishing and inspection, " said Amir Chitayat, CEO and President of Sagitta. "Connectors by volume are the largest polishing and inspection application for the Gemini platform. We know the Gemini-Cx will provide significantly higher throughput, improve yield and scale for manufacturing much better than the current bench-top polishing methods. At this junction, the fiber optics industry is looking for time-to-volume technology enablers and we know the Gemini is a solution that helps companies achieve that goal."

Sagitta Background Information

Sagitta Ltd. is a technology-based equipment supplier for the fiber optics industry. A core holding of patented technologies in precision automation, machine vision and sub micron polishing has led to the introduction of the Gemini-Pi and the Gemini-Cx. The Gemini-Pi provides automated polish, clean and optical inspection capabilities for fiber optic components that require a planar polished surface, such as AWGs, v-grooves, fiber capillary assemblies, grin lenses and other interface components. The Gemini-Cx is a system dedicated to fiber optic connector polishing and optical inspection using an innovative dual mounted fixture assembly for enhanced productivity. Sagitta also provides the Centar, a sub-micron polishing and optical inspection tool used for cross sectional inspection of critical components, such as GaAs laser and PM fiber cladding.
Sagitta is a global company headquartered in Hauppauge, New York with an application lab in California, as well as a Research & Development center in Israel. Sagitta is a worldwide company with machines installed at Fortune 500 companies.

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