Sagitta's mission is to leverage proprietary technologies in materials processing, nano-scale robotics, machine vision, and optical metrology to become a market leader in innovative process and inspection equipment for manufacturing advanced fiber optics components.

Our process equipment solutions are helping the fiber optics component manufacturing market transition from inefficient, low-reliability manufacturing methods to high-productivity automated methods. We also provide state-of-the-art analytic equipment for failure analysis, yield enhancement, and product development in the fiber optics component industry.

All Sagitta automation products provide our customers with higher productivity, better quality, and superior technology. Our employees provide dedicated service, develop superior solutions, execute rapid product development cycles, and deliver quality products.

Company Profile

Sagitta was founded in 1997 and provides advanced, high-productivity manufacturing equipment solutions to the global fiber optics industry. The company is headquartered in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel.

The company recently raised over $15 million in second-round venture capital funding, enabling it to continue developing best-of-breed products. Its new manufacturing and engineering site supports volume production and is outfitted with state-of-the-art process and test facilities. In 2006 Sagitta's semiconductor analytical equipment division was purchased by Gatan.

Since its inception, the company has continuously released innovative process equipment products. Most recently, Sagitta has successfully penetrated the fiber optics component manufacturing industry, launching a new line of standard-setting process and inspection equipment.

Gemini, the company's flagship product family, is first to market with an integrated process solution of polishing, cleaning, and optical inspection for fiber optic components. The Gemini-Pi services planar devices, v-groove fiber arrays, ferrule assemblies, and other critical components. The Gemini-Cx is the process solution for connectors, cable assemblies, and flex circuits.

Sagitta's Gemini platform has accumulated now more than 10 years working on production floors and processed over 10,000,000 connectors of different types (e.g., Simplex & MTP). Gemini fiber optic processing machines are now working in production environment on 3 contintents (US, Europe, Asia) with repeated orders from Asia and Europe.

In 2005 Sagitta introduced the world's first commercially available Laser Cleaving System for FO Connectors, the Comet™.